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No Number

- Have - Dont have - Unknown - For trade / Duplicate


Ice hockey player green trikot, red trousers 

Ice hockey player blue trikot, red trousers

Helicopter - red-orange  

Helicopter - blue-white

Helicopter - blue green-I'blue  

Helicopter - d'green-green  

Bird - blue-green  


 Elephant - movable tail with gate/fence     

 Island with palm, hut & ship  

 Rolling bird (pencil) Duck  

 Rolling bird (pencil) Hen  

 Rolling bird (pencil) Pelican  


 Gray castle with green pinnacle    


 Three houses within each other  

 Kangaroo with joey  

 Clown with hammer, many parts, paper clothes  

 Clown mit club, many parts, paper clothes  

 Black magic box (1996) 

Plane, Clown (German series: Flying High, Eindecker)  

Plane, "Looping" (German series: Flying High, Doppeldecker)  

Plane, "23" (German series: Flying High, Dreidecker)  

Shovel dredger, d'gray-gray   

 Excavator, green-yellow  

 Dump truck, yellow-blue  

 Dump truck, gray-red  

 Sailing ship 'kinder' blue-white  

 Sailing ship khaki black, many parts  

 Yacht, silver, many parts  

 Beach buggy, orange  

Purple car  

Jeep light-brown   

 Beach buggy, green-orange